Tai Chi Training & Instruction

  • Basic & Advanced Yang Tai Chi Forms

  • Hand Forms 10, 16, 24, 32, 40, 42, 48, 88

  • Yang Weapon Forms

  • Straight Sword 18, 32, 42, 54

  • Yang Broadsword Form

  • Yang Spear Form

NOTE: Ebb and Flow Taichi is not a belt or testing school, as technically there are no belts or degrees in Tai Chi. So if you're looking for competition instruction, our classes are not the right fit.  

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Meet Our Sifu / Instructor

I started practicing Tai Chi while seeking alternatives to prescription medication for anxiety & panic attacks when the instructor at a Kung Fu School recommended Tai Chi. 

Under the guidance & training of an incredible teacher, I trained extensively and was off all prescription anxiety medications within a year of practicing Tai Chi. It truly felt as if I had found a miracle cure for anxiety, and I have become very confident in its ability to help others, as well.

Sadly my beloved teacher eventually passed away, after which I assumed the Tai Chi Instructor role at his school. I left in 2018 to embark on a new path & started Ebb & Flow Taichi, LLC, with a wonderful group of dedicated students.

Ebb & Flow Tai Chi currently offers Tai Chi classes at the awesome Jazzercize Aurora facility and I look forward to teaching both current & new students at our new location. 

 Beginners Welcome 


Warm Regards,      

Sheila Richardson, Owner

 Ebb and Flow Taichi, LLC


Our teaching & learning model is for people who want to practice "meditation in motion" in a safe & comfortable environment. We leave our egos at the door & you can improve at a own pace determined by yourself that brings you peace & harmony to your life.  Just For Fun: Tai Chi Movements Quiz

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